2016年より「カロタイプ フォトワークス」にて写真制作活動中。


YO Chibazakura was born in the State of New York in 1966. While he was in the States, he got mumps when he was an eleven-month-old baby. As a result of this illness he stared to have difficulties in hearing. This disability was recognized when he came back to Osaka when he was three years old.He had acquired the language through his exposure to innumerable photographs and picture cards. He started climbing mountains and taking pictures when he was a senior high school student. He studied physics and landscape design at university.
Now he lives in Suginami Ward in Tokyo.


2014 Joined in the “Workshop 2B” directed by Satoru Watanabe
2016 Started producing photographic works at the “Calotype Photo Works”
2018 Solo exhibition “Wander in the Silence” Nikon Salon (Ginza, Osaka)